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Application Methods


Ordinary rock salt is transformed when treated with liquid Ice B’ Gone Magic. The liquid Ice B’ Gone Magic-0 remains on the pavement surface and prevents black ice from forming, even though rock salt eventually dissolves in the melting process. This will continue until the liquid is diluted by runoff or precipitation.

The treatment process is accomplished by one of two methods.

1. Pre Treating Stockpiles (rock salt)

Application Rates: Approximately 6-8 gallons per ton for all rock salt

How it Works: Northeast Snow Fighters will bring a tank and liquid sprayer to your operations or storage facility. You provide the stockpile, as well as a loader and operator to turn the pile as the liquid is applied to ensure uniform treatment of the pile.

Application Time: Approximately 45 minutes for a 25 ton pile, start to finish.

2. On Board Pre-Treating (Pre-Wetting) (rock salt)

Application Rates: Varies depending on your system and requires some experimentation to meter applications properly

General Procedures: Liquid IBG Magic can be used in any on-board system. However, all filters and screens must be removed from your system, otherwise clogging may occur due to the liquid’s viscosity. It is completely safe to handle and unlike typical on-board liquid chemicals, it will not corrode or degrade mechanical or electrical components on your vehicle or equipment.

Other: On-board users will require a bulk storage tank and transfer pump.


Liquid IBG Magic is used extensively on the New York State Thruway system, the Garden State Parkway, and in many Massachusetts towns as an anti-icing agent. Liquid is applied directly to the roadway using a spray tank system with a spray bar.

When correctly applied prior to the snow or ice storm event, liquid IBG Magic prevents snow and ice from bonding to the pavement. Plowing then removes all packed snow and ice. Black ice will not form as long as long as there is no major run off. IBG Magic will not harm vehicles or any type of pavement and is environmentally much friendlier than traditional methods and materials.

These significant benefits must be considered only in terms of the substantial commitment to training crews, use of precise temperature monitoring equipment and careful application.