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Use of Ice B’ Gone Magic exclusively (i.e. sand is not required or necessary) results in huge reduction of material required for de-icing applications:

  • Bulk IBG Magic is typically 30-40% more expensive than rock salt alone; however, you only need to use half as much product to produce the same results.
  • Bulk IBG Magic is typically two times more expensive than a sand/salt mix, however it is three times more effective!

In addition to material volume cost advantages, IBG Magic Salt offers these additional benefits to any snow removal contractor or property owner.

  • Improve efficiency and save time and fuel by reducing the number of trips required, due to less material being used
  • Brown IBG Magic means the customer and the applicator can see material being applied
  • During snow flurries or light snow events (under two inches), set spreader gates to half the opening you usually use and apply IBG Magic. Snow will “burn off” with no plowing
  • By eliminating the use of sand, contractors will see reduction in spring clean-up costs and customers will appreciate the absence of sand tracked into buildings and cars during the winter
  • Contractor equipment will last longer, with less maintenance expense without the corrosiveness of rock salt and frictional damage from sand on chains, bearings, etc.
  • IBG Magic will not harm grassed areas or horticulture when applied correctly, reducing incidental damage to customer’s property